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Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures

The experienced professionals at Delta Capital Group assist individuals and corporations in executing the acquisitions of businesses. Our mission is to increase shareholder value for corporate clients and create wealth for individuals. In the process of acquiring businesses for clients, Delta looks to leverage our client's existing management infrastructure or "business platform" to realize economies through integration of the acquisition target.


Delta Capital Group Acquisition Checklist for Buyers:


  • Develop acquisition objectives. A few examples are as follows

    • Increase shareholder value by increasing earnings

    • Acquire management., sales and technical talent

    • Expand and maximize capacity

    • Reduce competition

    • Increase market share

    • Grow faster than possible internally

    • Spread corporate overheads over a larger base

    • Acquire new channels of distribution

    • Diversify

    • Vertical integration

  • Perform valuation of client finances, operations and corporate structure to assess viability of acquisitions.

  • Propose structure(s) of targeted acquisitions.

  • Advise and negotiate for warehouse debt and equity facilities for making acquisitions.

  • Identify acquisition targets.

  • Perform systematic search process of industry, geography and databases for target group(s).

  • Broadcast direct mail, electronic mail and telephone calling to target group(s).

  • Screen, qualify and perform pro forma and valuation on the targeted acquisition.

  • Select structure and write the offer in the form of a Letter of Intent.

  • Undergo detailed bidding and negotiations.

  • Establish financing commitment for client.

  • Obtain all shareholder and third party consents and approvals.

  • Facilitate creative accounting advisory for purchase accounting and allocation of assets.

  • Structure the legal documents.

  • Prepare for the closing.

  • Hold the closing.

  • Perform post closing tasks and responsibilities.

  • Implement the integration of the two entities.

  • Perform advisory services ongoing

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