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Brewery Merger

The Craft Brew Business has exploded in the last number of years increasing from 2,000 craft brewers in 2013 to approaching 6,000 in 2017. Craft brewers are opening at the rate of two per day (New Brewer June 2017). Most regional brewers have started to see downturns as supply begins to outpace sales putting pressure on profit margins.


Delta has been actively involved with the Craft Brewing industry since 2013 and has raised capital, debt and equity - for growth Brewers and has advised a growing number of breweries that need to reduce their debts in order to remain competitive in an oversupplied market.


The beer industry is entering a period of massive consolidation and small craft brewers will be forced to merge with other brewers in order to achieve economies of scale and remain price competitive.


If your sales headed down this last year for the first time it was probably not an aberration. Next year will likely be worse and the time to act is now. We are familiar with the consolidators in the industry and can help you get back stability. Give us a call.

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