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Hotel Crisis Consulting & Restructuring

We work with lenders and owners to maximize the value of troubled hotel assets by evaluating the potential results of various alternatives with regard to restructuring debt, forebearance, foreclosures or deed-in-lieu transfers, bankruptcy, and attracting new capital. We have helped prepare plans of reorganization and review those prepared by debtors, and have testified as experts in US Bankruptcy Courts in several districts. We advise lenders and borrowers on their options as to hotel real estate and on related issues such as brand, management contract and asset management strategies.


Delta Capital Group has assisted Hotel owners for 25 years in restructuring their debt with Lenders. We have worked with hundreds of hotel owners to reschedule their debt and in many cases eliminate large parts of the debt while keeping the property and not having their personal guarantees utilized. There are a number of mechanisms that the Financial Accounting Standards Boards (FASB) permits banks to do in order to reconcile loans that no longer perform according to the terms of the note. The bulk of our fees for this service come from receiving 10% of the debt we eliminate. In many cases, we are referred to Hotel Borrowers by Lenders who would rather engage in our process than through the legal process of bankruptcy and liquidation. We are bankers, not lawyers, and as such we can deal directly with your banker in terms he understands. Your lawyer can only talk to the Bank's lawyer.


We are happy to explain the process on the phone or in person. If too much bank debt is your biggest challenge, give us a call.

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