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If you don't know where you're going, any road can take you there.

What We Do


Delta Capital Group offers clients a full range of investment advisory services to address critical and complex challenges across a variety of industries. We develop practical and sophistocated strategies for reaching both short-term and long-term solutions. 

Meet the Team


Delta Capital professionals are committed to providing practical financial solutions and expert advice to our clients. Our partners have a wealth of experience in strategic decision-making and negotiations, and in placing investment capital. 

News & Publications


Explore Delta Capital Group articles and video posts.


"Delta was able to take over $4 million out of my $6 million in debt and then help me refinance the $2 million. These guys are good, really good."

Mark B.

"Delta was able to package my company and sell it for much more than the valuation I had been given by another firm. The main reason was because they had multiple interested parties who all had been properly briefed before we even met them."

Bob M.

"Delta originally did a small financing for our company when we were doing under $3 million in sales. We were so impressed we asked them to be permanent Board of Directors advisor. Five years later, they helped us sell the company for $50 million."

Mike H.

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